RAAH Safety – 手动螺栓安全阀

分类下 液压动力工具, the bolting safety valves are manufactured to provide an additional safety when handling controlled bolting operations. 的 手动螺栓安全阀e is innovative and highly efficient equipment in 液压扭矩工具系统.

螺栓的任务 are affected by a high number of injuries, these safety-rated 罐子液压工具 provide a buffer zone between hands and bolts. After implementing this device to a workplace, both safety and workflow efficiency are effectively enhanced.


Various industries use 液压动力系统s, where 应用程序 are relevant to hydraulic locking and 螺栓罐子 应用程序. Over 50 percent of injuries in these sectors are reported to be hand injuries. Considering these high numbers, eliminating hazardous factors to the hands is a must-do precaution. In addition to an increased safety, 手动螺栓扭矩 can help enhance the overall workflow efficiency increases as well. Some examples of these industries include;

  • 农业机械
  • 公共娱乐机器. …
  • Automobile 制造业 Sectors
  • 奶酪及食品制造商
  • 煤炭开采行业
  • 混凝土泵的应用
  • 重型推土机 & 挖掘机.
  • 水力发电项目的网站
  • Industrial Pressing Machinery in General Sectors
  • 制造业 & 测试设备.
  • 油气行业

How 免提螺栓 Can Improve Safety

免提螺栓 offers a safe and straightforward innovation when handling bolting accessories in 液压系统s. 的 idea is to reduce accidents and provide authority over these tasks by controlled bolting function-known as one of the most critical 应用程序 across the industries.

此外, the design of this isolation device considers the safety while working at heights while preventing the tools from dropping and creating injuries by dropped objects.


  1. Once the tool is attached to the 液压系统 where bolts must be removed, tightened or loosened, a trigger is activated. 之后, the bolting safety valve remains in a live position until the release of the hydraulic power.
  2. 备用螺母 is then screwed onto the thread protrusion once the equipment is correctly fitted onto its place. 的n, the operation can remove the manual control and hence the toll hands free operation. 在释放触发器之后, 液压切断了, leaving a safe operating space for the removal and relocation of the tool.
  3. This tool is also compatible with an assortment of bolting tools, including; 可调力矩扳手, 抵消变速箱, 可调扭矩空气棘轮, 扳手和螺母扳手. Furthermore, the backup nut can be integrated into a variety of other mechanical 应用程序.

通过替换 液压棘轮 with this tool, the possibility of accidents and mishaps is virtually dropped down to zero. Considering the large impact of 液压系统s, reinforced with thousands of Newton-Meters, removal of the bolts becomes effortless with this innovative equipment.

手动螺栓设备 is easy to install and remove while offering excellent safety features. 的 entire design is made in a manner to function as an element of safety and operational control. 在液压动力系统中.


  • 缺乏鞭打2

的 design combines two sizes in one, hence cutting off the requirement of a 鞭打扳手, 也被称为 adjustable torque pneumatic impact wrench. In addition to saving costs for additional tools, the process of bolting is faster this way.

  • 提供备用螺母

备用螺母 is especially included in the design to engage the safety during the operations. This design is suitable for a variety of bolting equipment as an anti tool drop precaution.

  • 安全处理

免提安全 is the sole purpose of the tool, combined with increasing workflow and task speed.

You can purchase these tools singularly, in 液压扳手组套 with different sizes or in a complete kit which includes additional tools and equipment required for the entire operation. 免提螺栓’s Safety Kits offer simple and efficient products as an all in one solution including; pneumatic nut driver, pneumatic torque wrench with digital display, low profile torque wrenches, 等.




If your industrial work handles 液压动力系统s of any kind, you NEED to increase the crew’s safety by a reliable 手动螺栓安全阀. Contact our expert today for more information. Order and get the best prices in bulk order now.