Magna Grab: Multipurpose Anchor away h和s-off magnetic 工具

Tag lines are an integrated part of industrial fields for transport, 用来固定重物的位置, 画的支持, 任何更多的. 有力地使用标语, the operator requires two factors; one, 一条结实的标语线, 和两个, an effective tagline anchor as the core support provider. In many cases the tag line anchor may be damaged, unreliable, or non-existent all together. 为了解决这个根本问题, Magna-Grab was presented to replace the original anchor point on just about any surface.

作为一个多用途的锚钩, 麦格纳抓住 被分类为 免提安全 操纵的工具 磁引力增强. 的 general purpose is to perform as a portable anchor point to provide tagline facility in long 和 short-range usage.


Any industry using taglines in the weight h和ling system, providing human support or other likely activities, 可以受益于 磁标记 锚. 的 磁捕获器工具 is an innovation designed to produce a buffer zone between the heavy suspended loads or other long reach objects 和 personnel. 这里有一些一般化的例子;

  • 石油 & 气体环
  • Manhole Construction, trenches 和 pits
  • 工业加工
  • 仓库
  • 船舶、机车和汽车行业
  • 矿业和炼油厂


Increasing convenience 和 tagline anchor is the first task performance by 麦格纳的工具,富含 免提安全 美学. 的 safety features are backed with long-reach retrieval which is the best solution in narrow 和 密闭空间磁回收器 while h和ling the heavy 和 potentially hazardous 停止加载标语, without having to get too close to the load itself.

To add to the ergonomic usability, the magnetic 抓住标语 is attached to any magnetic surface easily 和 with significant force. 此外, 磁处理工具 is engineered in a way that enables the operator to keep the body in a proper position in order to facilitate push 和 pull action.

To enhance the maneuverability of the load, this 磁锚点 boasts an eye bolt that provides free movement of tagline while attached to Magna-Grab. After the task is completed, the operator can detach the 麦格纳的工具 from the surface by a slide mechanism, 和 a simple push on the h和le sideways.

Despite the small size, this h和s-free 磁检索工具 以其强大的力量而闻名. All it requires is a surface area of 4 to 6 inches, which can h和le up to 500 lb. 或者220公斤的重量. 为了更方便, this magnetic device is reinforced with several attachment variations for fixed or modifiable h和les. This feature provides a myriad of possibilities in use 和 tagline action.


Magna-grab是一个 磁机工具 具有多任务功能. It is highly applicable for overhead magna chain hoists on steel 和 iron materials, designed without the original hook tagline. This 磁检索工具 is a solution to tagline dem和s; offering both 便携式锚点 和 a forceful grip- without having to risk safety esthetics.

Magna-Grab has been used as a magnetic material h和ling 和 pick up 工具 in many industries. 麦格纳磁铁 allows a user to keep h和s 和 fingers away from sharp or heavy objects 和 dangerous crush 和 pinch points. 可能性是无限的.

How would your company benefit from Magna grab

作为一个雇主, or safety equipment provider for any industry, safety must be the initial filter to inspect a work environment, 任务执行的工具和方法. Keeping the personnel away from potential hazards decreases the incidents while keeping the personnel in a better mental productivity as they rest assured of safety 和 increase productivity by adding confidence to their actions. 也被称为 抛物磁性工具 和 推拉式磁力工具,利用有效的和 便携式磁标语 keeps your employee away from dangerous situations, confined areas or operating a load without a reliable tagline.

Instead of ordering a worker into a confined 和 crush point prone space, 磁标记 能否提供可靠的解决方案, 因为它体积小, high magnetic force 和 adaptability can replace manpower effectively.

除了安全,这 无接触磁手安全工具 is highly affordable 和 easy to carry from one workplace to another in a box or even h和 工具 kit.


Always keep within the pull capacity of the 磁标记 工具, which is 500lb; Overburdening this 工具 may result in insufficiency, hence possible incidents such as slipping or breaking away. A retrieval line with a minimum of half an inch diameter is recommended for a safe activity. And always avoid carrying the loads overhead if there are objects or workers underneath. Increase your overall safety with complementary equipment such as safety gloves, goggles 和 other safety gears that match your work requirements.


作为一个多用途的标语工具, 大抓斗用于长臂, 狭窄的点或在无 缆索锚点 在金属表面. It h和s to safety by h和s free operation 和 keeping the personnel at a safe distance.

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