Rig Elevator Safety with Rigtools Elevator Handling Tool

To solve the complications of maneuvering rig elevators in Oil and gas industry both offshore and onshore stations, we introduce Rigtools Elevator Handling Tool. This innovative equipment is built with ease of use in mind and maximizes the capabilities of your rig elevator lifting and handling. This tool is made to enhance safety, work efficiency, and performance in handling pipe elevators of any size, weight, and location.


● Situation

Rig elevators are heavy-weight tools that are used for the casing handling equipment, screen and pump pulling, setting functions. They are used widely across the industry. While these effective tools boast a rugged structure and premium steel alloy material.


Looking at the history of drilling operations, it can be said that they are manufactured by engineers who have worked on rigs; hence, they understood the dangers of manual handling of rig elevators.

Wrong handling of wrap-around tool joints of drill pipes can damage their function. The damage caused by inappropriate drill pipe handling equipment could result in costly replacements. These damages may go unnoticed and create mud-operation issues; undetected defects may result in hazardous situations and even prove to be expensive than replacements.

To prevent these issues, utilizing the right tool is essential.


With this method, instead of manual movement with hoist straps, the movement is replaced with the Elevator Handling tool to maneuver Elevator during maintenance and construction of the well activities. The Elevator will always be ready to pick up and install on the Bails because the Elevator is stored with the Handling Tool inside

Our Rigtools Elevator Handling Tool is compatible with both manual and automatic pipe elevators. In addition to ensuring the safety of the workplace, they prevent structural damages to the elevator and hence increasing its lifecycle.

Installation & Advantages

We provide tools designed to simplify increasingly complex drilling operations while improving efficiency, maintaining safety, and improving environmental conditions for platform crews. Here are the main advantages of integrating the Rigtools Elevator Handling Tools into your system;

● Easy Installation

Simply install the elevator handling tools with a winch at the center of the elevator. Secure its place by closing the elevator around it. Ideally, install the tool when your elevator is hanging on the bail.

● Sling Free Applications

There is no requirement for using slings. It is recommended to avoid traditional elevator lifting methods such as using chains and slings to prevent damaging the elevators.

● Easy Transport

Pick up and transfer your elevator on the bail fast and with efficiency. Since the elevator handling tool is already placed at the center, there is no time wasted on attaching and detaching slings.


The tools boast an extremely simple design, yet it is engineered for excellent performance. It is constructed with a cylindrical body which is attached to a flat disk at the bottom. At the top, is a vertical lifting eye for housing section.

The elevator handling tools are crafted for heavy-duty use, with industrial-grade stainless steel. The choice of material ensures both resistance against impact and corrosion, long service life, and reliable function.

Each tool is tested for weight rating and in-filed performance. Upon purchase, you will receive a weight rating and full lifting certification in compliance with offshore utility standards.

Our elevator handling tools are an all-in-one solution to rig elevators; they are compatible with manual, hinged mechanism elevators and automatic elevators with any size and weight ratings.


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