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The high level of safety and efficiency of modern drilling operations requires special attention to the work area and risks. For enhancing workflow at your rig and reducing the hazards by placing the operators in the red zone, we introduce Speedy Gonzales pin cleaners.

Speedy Gonzales Pin Cleaner is especially designed to clean drill pipe threads before administering the thread lubricant, otherwise known as thread lubricant.


● The problem: Incorrect Cleaning

Before applying dope and lubrication, the crew should remove the shrouds and carefully insert the keel out of the box without damaging the threads and seal area. They must be careful not to fall off the end of the pin so as not to damage the threads. Ideally, place the protectors on the doping pins and remove them just before hitting the rig floor.

This method is not very convenient to clean the wireline on the rig floor. The traditional method can result in damaged threads while cleaning drill pipes due to the insufficient cleaning process. For stubborn debris, diesel should not be used to clean threads as it can attract debris and trap it between the thread roots and make it difficult to remove.

Keeping the tubulars clean before using thread lubricant is vital to the process. The cleaning highlights and provisions are especially important when working with pulling drill pipe in oil base mud. The operators must conduct inspection that the ends of the pins are properly cleaned before applying the product.

● The Solution: Speedy Gonzales Pin Thread Cleaners

Speedy Gonzales pin cleaners are employed to clean the threads on drill pipe.

The drilling rigs drill pipe washer guarantees an effective cleaning; the threads on the end of the pin are completely 360 degrees clean before applying pipe lubricant.

This reduces costly joint losses and/or cuts, and extends the life of threads and valve body sealing areas and pin ends. This Speedy Gonzales high pressure cleaner invention provides a method and apparatus for cleaning threaded pipe joints in which the cleaning pressure ring cover all around the circumference of the threaded pin or sleeve.

Using our pipe thread cleaner, rig floor operations can benefit from a high performing cleaning process, quick applications and avoiding re-cleaning the pin thread ends- which can increase costs and time consumption.

How It Works

According to the expert’s reports, these High-Pressure cleaners can be used in two ways. The pins can be cleaned with high-pressure water or high-pressure air. At any length, the operator can make the tool work in just a few seconds. To make it easier, the drill pipe pin washing tool can be used with both water or air High Pressure cleaning systems.

To meet as many of the rig pin cleaning requirements, Speed Gonzales Pin Cleaner introduces 90 or 45 degree bend pin cleaners- resulting in 360 degree cleaning.

Feature & Benefits

● Lubrication Efficiency

Washing the drill pipe pin threads is a hazardous task. Besides the operational risks involved, executing the task efficiently and flawlessly is another challenging aspect that can influence the smooth function of thread lubricants. The drill pipe pin washing tool cleans the pins from debris and alloys flawlessly.

● Time Efficiency

The pin cleaning task is carried out in just a few seconds.

● Single Operator Use

It takes an operator using SPEEDY GONZALES Cleaner just seconds to clean a thread 360 degrees – in one workflow.

● Enhancing Safety

Rig floor pin thread cleaning applications are some of the most prone to injury: they sit next to a moving drill string, use heavy pliers and fast-moving rotating chains. The tool helps improve efficiency and replaces the presence of crew members in the Red Zone. The operator works at a safe distance and is further protected by a splash screen.

● Durable Construction

Constructed from forged stainless steel, the Speed Gonzales Pin Cleaner is resistant to corrosion, and environmental impact- enabling this unique equipment to withstand the most demanding tasks for an exceptionally long time.

● Adaptability to Diverse Systems

The equipment can be used in different HP cleaner systems for cleaning the pin end threads, such as Air HP and Water HP.


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Increase your rig floor safety and enhance efficiency by replacing the old methods for drill pipe threads cleaning with new innovation tools. The Speed Gonzales Pin Cleaner is designed to clean your rig tubular with exceptional effectiveness and speed. Contact our field experts at RAAH for more information. Our other rig tools products Rigtools ClampBHA WasherTitan reversible chain tongs, etc

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